Local Hero Runs for Oak Park Mayor

 Aaron Tobin Interviewed by Fox News  

When a purse snatcher struck at a Southfield market (bordering Oak Park), Aaron Tobin went above and beyond to catch the suspect.

Tobin chased the purse snatcher and was able to jump on him, tackle him to the ground, and then get his arm behind his back.  He then sat on his back until the Oak Park Policeshowed up," 

Fox news said that "Tobin is without a doubt the hero of his community."

The Chief of the Southfield Police Department, Chief Eric Hawkins presented Aaron Tobin with a Civilian Citation for Outstanding Service for his heroic actions on the day of March 19, 2013.

 Chief Hawkins of the Southfield Police,  presenting Mr.Tobin with the Civilian Citation

Since this event many residents approached Mr.Tobin to ask him to get more involved in local politics. People are saying that they are tired of the same old political games being played by career politicians that answer to special interests, instead of the people of Oak Park.

What these people wanted is a man of action that has the leadership skills and no-nonsense attitude to stand up for us. A thoughtful person that thinks about the rights of all of us.A community leader that will not be afraid to take on the powers that be, and will fight for us to make Oak Park a better, safer family community. As a successful businessman with valuable real life experience, he will watch our scarce resources and make certain the council will allocate our limited tax dollars wisely. His practical  can do leadership will provide the excellent city services that Oak Park residents deserve. 

Aaron has listened to residents, community leaders, his friends and neighbors and is now running for Mayor of Oak Park in the upcoming election on November 3, 2015. He strives to be an excellent representative of the people of Oak Park.

It has been said that "Just like he tackled the purse snatcher, Tobin will tackle the problems facing Oak Park."  Please support and vote for Aaron Tobin for our Mayor.