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New Leadership Delivering Results for Oakland County

Hello, I’m Aaron Tobin.

I grew up in Southfield and now live in Oak Park. I graduated from Southfield-Lathrup High School and Michigan State University and have a deep love for this area and Oakland County. I love the diversity of its people and the general kindness you find in the individuals here. Growing up in Oakland County was very special and I do feel lucky to have been raised, along with my 3 sisters and brother by parents who worked very hard, and faced unique challenges as small business owners. I grew up working in my Father’s Auto Part Store, and have run small businesses of my own, so am very aware of the challenges that small businesses face.

I took over a virtually bankrupt Automotive Remanufacturing business, and built it into one of Michigan’s largest family owned Auto Electric Remanufacturing companies. Even though it was a daunting task, I enjoyed the challenge, and knew that with hard work and perseverance, I would succeed. I quickly learned how to do more with less, working on a minimal budget, making improvements and implementing policies that had immediate impact. I listened to employees and welcomed suggestions for improvements. I tried new ways of operating and was flexible to alter the path when it wasn’t working. I thank my parents for that rock solid work ethic and practical business sense that they taught me first hand.

I’m a fiscal conservative that understands the struggles we face here in Oakland County, because I live them every day. Today’s Oakland County, is very different than the county of my youth. I see record high property tax increases being proposed by the commission, along with already rising utility and water bills. I ride roads and cross bridges that are in bad condition every day. I see our County Commission greatly cutting our Sheriffs budget which puts our entire county in danger by hindering the Sheriff’s ability to keep us safe.

My priorities as county commissioner, is to offer safer neighborhoods through supporting our police, reducing our water and power bills and encouraging an environment that promotes active, healthy, and enriched lifestyles for residents of all ages, like I have done when I created the Oak Park E-Z Roll. Our county must operate in a fiscally responsible way. If we have to make tough choices to keep our households running, so should politicians and bureaucrats in Oakland County.

Please vote for me November 8th, and help me bring a fiscally sound voice to the Board of Commissioners. A voice that will represent you, protect our liberties, and be open and transparent and available to all of my constituents.

-Aaron Tobin


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